A mid century home of a professional couple nestled in the hills of Marin County, California had all the normal signature elements of the now famous “Eichler” style. The client’s brief was maintain the integrity of the style while lifting into the 21st Century.

Phillip Silver’s respect for the house can be seen in the way he has maintained the open air of the house and enhancing it’s Californian charactor, replacing windows and sliding doors, accentuating beams and streamlining the furnishings, not so much in the mid-century style, but in the style of “now”.

Along with the interior architecture, the designer also reshaped the landscaping giving it a more lush environment, more romantic, relating it’s flow to the interiors - a very Eichler design signature.

Blue stone throughout, a warm grey pallet for interior and exterior, gives this home an elegant yet relaxed style - something an “Eicher” probably would have done if was designing in 2015.

An “Eichler" revisited - not restored.