“Gladswood” is a grand mansion built in the Neo-Gothic style sitting on the shores of a bay - in the early 1990’s it was converted into condominiums. A South African couple are the second occupants of this apartment and wanted a pied a terra where they could escape to at the end of extensive business travel.

The old interiors where stripped back to the structure and the floor plan was re-designed to give the client’s a more relaxed “open” environment.  

The view of the bay was the over-riding element, this set the tone for the interiors. A subtle mix of neutrals over a play of texture. Nothing to detract from natures moods.

Furniture was custom made and arranged so as each setting took advantage of a of time day.  

The master suite is divided from the master bedroom by a glass wall that allows the view to sweep back into the tub location.

The kitchen is more more “show” then “function”.  This was done by housing the major appliances in the scullery leaving the “kitchen” for entertainment.

Beautifully sitting on the bay, a retreat that is greatly loved.